1. Read the Bylaws and Bravo Fleet Constitution - You can find this on the home page under the Operations tab. Understanding of these two documents will go a long way with understanding how to simm aboard the Exeter and everywhere else. These are in place as the ground work for every player and CO within the Bravo Fleet community.

2. Think carefully about your character - In regards to player conception and creation, be sure you know who you want to play. Considering this is a Nu Trek simm, certain species and races won't be allowed at this point in time. (Also, keep in mind the time period is the mid 23rd century so no klingons can serve aboard starfleet vessels) Players must have a primary character for 90 days before requesting permission for a secondary character, the reason being to allow time for new people to come in and select a role they wish to play.

3. Originality is key - Every character who signs aboard the Constitution MUST be original in conception and creation. No character will be given special treatment, no character will be related to a known character already existing in the Nu Trek cannon or timeline. No exceptions will be given.

4. Roleplaying - All posts must be started and finished by your character. Word counts are objectionable. However, keep it friendly and always In Character (IC)

5. Plotting - The Captain is responsible for the creation, the continuation, and the ending of the main plot. Once a player joins in a plot it is up to that player to make sure his/her character is kept up to date, and is participating. Side plots are acceptable, but please make sure they do not derail or overshadow the main story.

6. Activity - It is up to the player to be active aboard the Constitution. If a player needs time away, please make sure to fill out a Leave of Absence (LoA) form, or inform the Captain or XO of your time away and we shall adjust accordingly.

7. Inactivity - Inactivity hurts the entire crew. If a player has been inactive for two weeks, be advised that player will be contacted via email in a polite and civil manner. If up towards a month or longer without an explanation the character will be phased out of the story or given a transfer off the Constitution. (A polite way of saying your character will be discontinued)

8. Civility - In Character and Out Of Character, you are required to treat your fellow players with respect. Always keep in mind that your fellow players have different styles of writing and different viewpoints, along with different perspectives of the universe we're inhabiting. Always be patient and be constructive when the situation calls for it.

9. Safety - The Captain is responsible for the safety of his crew. Slanderous words, insults, deformation, harassment will not be tolerated. If a player feels he/she is being harassed by a fellow player, please bring it to the attentions of the Captain, the XO, and the TFCO Immediately. Acting towards another player in the ways mentioned above will be dealt with strictly. (I.E. expulsion from the Constitution and from Bravo Fleet if

10. Always remember - We are here to have fun and to encourage each other in a friendly environment. This is YOUR space to be as creative as you wish to be. The sky is always the limit as to what you can do. Challenge each other and be engaging. No ideas will be ridiculed. Infinite diversity, Infinite Combinations

11. Age Content and Limitations - While the rating of the simm will be 18+ there are guidelines that will be kept within the Star Trek Universe. For instance, the use of sex and sexual situations, be respectful. Gratuitous and/or pornographic scenes/situations are strictly prohibited. LBGTQ characters are allowed, but once again...please be respectful. Interspecies relationships should be kept realistic and tasteful.