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Captain Michael Stuart

Name Michael Alasdair Stuart

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 154 Lbs.
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, muscular, lean. Hair is cut short to regulation length. Dresses in gold starfleet uniform, black pants and boots. Keeps it casual when not on duty or on shore leave. Michael has a rigorous excercise and training schedule to keep fit.


Father Lt. CMDR. Dougray Stuart (Retired)
Mother Dr. Heather Stuart
Brother(s) Andrew Stuart
Sister(s) Prof. Abigail Stuart

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lt. Cmdr. Stuart was thrusted into his position of commanding officer during the events of the Exeter's visit to the planet of Talos IV. His actions during the incident saved countless lives. For his efforts, Michael was given command of the Exeter. Michael isn't afraid to put the needs of the crew and ship under his command first and foremost, and holds the values of Starfleet's principals to a very high standard.
Strengths & Weaknesses Michael is a good hearted individual with a keen wilingness to learn. He has a thirst for exploration and to make as many first contacts as he can. He's kind, caring, and compassionate when he needs to be. Other times he can be short tempered. A constant flirt towards the women he favors, yet Michael remains a consummate professional above all else.
Ambitions To be a good commanding officer to his crew.
Hobbies & Interests Spending time on his home on Risa, swimming and surfing, being with family and friends.

Personal History Michael Alasdair Stuart was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on February 22, 2233 to lieutenant commander Dougray Stuart and Professor Heather Stuart. Dougray retired from his commission to take care of his children alongside his wife, the family settling in Glasgow.

In 2246, Stuart was living on the planet Tarsus IV with his mother during a coup resulting in the overthrow of the government of the colony. The new governor, Kodos adopted philosophies of the old earth eugenics programs and slaughtered nearly half of the colony's population. However Kodos escaped conviction and trial when the colony was rescued by the USS Constitution.

Michael enlisted in Starfleet in 2252 right after graduation, crediting both his father and Captain Robert April as inspirations for enlisting. His officer training would take five years. Life at the academy proved challenging yet rewarding. During this time Michael got the chance to serve as a midshipan aboard the USS Endeavour for six months.

Returning to Starfleet, Michael enrolled in command training. What he would learn there would shape him into the officer he would become later. He found the courses difficult and challenging. His favored subjects were tactical training, bridge crew prep, and diplomacy.

After Command School, Michael was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and assigned to the USS Britannia under the command of Captain Garrovick as a phaser gun crew member. At Tycho IV the Britannia encountered hostile Klingons that nearly destroyed the ship, but sadly ended the lives of two hundred crewmen. The Britannia's files indicate that lieutenant Stuart insisted blaming himself for delaying phaser fire due to a lack of power throughout the ship. However the XO of the Britannia disagreed with Michael's report, citing that "Lieutenant Stuart is a fine officer who acted with valor and uncommon bravery."

Back on Earth, Michael takes four months off to be with family and friends. When he returns he is offered a staff position with Admiral Nathan Pellew. Michael accepts and learns about the Admiralty. The posting lasts for three months when Michael is transferred to the USS Exeter under the command of Captain Ronald Tracy. He is promoted to Chief Helmsman. Within the first 90 days things go well on the starship until the Exeter arrive on the planet of Talos IV. The events of Talos IV are deemed Classified and General Order 7 is placed on the planet.

In recognition of his services, Michael is promoted to commanding officer of the Exeter.

Service Record 2252-2257: Starfleet Academy. Maintained a 3.5 GPA and graduated with honors. Serves aboard the USS Endeavour as Midshipman for six months.

2258-2261: Command Academy.

2261-2264: Promotion to Lieutenant, serves aboard the USS Britannia.

2265: Serving as an aide to Starfleet Admiralty.

2266: Chief Helmsman of the USS Exeter, then promoted to Commanding Officer.