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Lieutenant Commander Amaan Ragez

Name Amaan Ragez

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 265 lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Amaan is everything you would expect from an Orion, except for his sheer size. He is quite tall, and very powerfully built. His size alone is quite intimidating, and he has had to use it to his advantage on more than one occasion. Amaan has deep emerald green skin and jet black hair, which he typically wears in a conservative and easily managed style. His eyes are a dark chocolatey brown, so dark that you cannot distinguish the irises. Amaan pays great attention to his uniform, ensuring that it is clean and professional every hour of every day.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Jaila Ragez
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Because his mother has cut off contact with Orion society, Amaan has never met any of her family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amaan is a sweet, thoughtful and courteous individual. He likes to surprise his friends with small gifts and trinkets as tokens of affection. He is that friend that wants to know everything, so he can figure out what makes you tick. Amaan loves to talk, not just about himself but about pretty much anything. He is the type of person that you can tell really wants to be your friend.
Strengths & Weaknesses Amaan has a strong technical background that has molded him into a very experienced Engineer. He is a good problem solver and generally works very well with others.

Amaan can be a very stubborn individual, and it is sometimes very difficult to convince him that he could possibly be wrong.
Ambitions For the time being, Amaan is happy being a Chief Engineer. He does possibly see himself as a Captain someday.
Hobbies & Interests Amaan likes to eat, but not in the massive quantities that his size suggests; instead, he prefers to take time and savor the variety of textures and spices. His sensitive palate has helped him become an accomplished cook in his own right. Amaan also dabbles a bit in shuttle and starship design. Amaan also has a small greenhouse module in his quarters where he attempts to grow floral species that are difficult to germinate, such as the Jevathian Orchid.

Personal History Amaan's mother has almost no memory of the several months prior to her being rescued from an Orion slave trading station in 2230. She was several months pregnant with her only son, and gave birth in June of that year on the independent freighter Lacoön. Genetic testing at the ship's medical bay confirmed that the boy (Amaan) was full blooded Orion, but offered no explanation for his mother's amnesia. The two lived in a converted cargo container on the Lacoön until the ship made port in the Federation in 2234. Amaan's mother found work as a dancer in a club on Alpha Centauri III, and that is where they made their home.

Amaan attended a Federation school on Alpha Centauri and immediately became very popular with his classmates. The child's warmth and charisma (and possibly, in his teen years, his Orion pheromones) made him very likable. In school and their neighborhood Amaan garnered a reputation as somebody that could fix anything, from a food synthesizer to a hover car. Amaan enjoyed helping people, so he was glad to do whatever he could. Near the end of his school career, Amaan applied to Starfleet Academy. He was accepted on his second try and enrolled in classes starting in 2248.

The Starfleet engineering curriculum was quite challenging and competitive, but Amaan managed to distinguish himself early on in his career by besting an arrogant Vulcan named Stovek in an engine design competition. Although Amaan and the Vulcan were professional rivals, they eventually became friends. In fact, Amaan had a very wide circle of friends that crossed gender and species lines. In his second year at the Academy, a young Human cadet stole something from Amaan--his heart. Casey Washburn was a pilot trainee from Chicago. Amaan fell head over heels for the young pilot, even going so far as to take Casey to Alpha Centauri to meet his mother. Just a few weeks before graduation, Casey was killed in a freak accident on the Academy flight range near Saturn. Following graduation, Amaan took a month off to process his grief. He was stationed to the scout ship USS Ganymede shortly thereafter in 2252.

Truthfully, Ensign Ragez had hoped to be stationed on one of the larger vessels in the fleet; the Captain and crew of the Ganymede liked him very much though, so Amaan stayed there for an entire four year tour. When an opening came on the Miranda class USS Mayflower in 2256, Amaan jumped at the chance. With his new position came an increase in rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Amaan rose rapidly through the department hierarchy, so much that when Commander Valik retired in 2260 that Amaan was promoted to Lieutenant and named as the Vulcan's replacement. There he served until an opening came up on the USS Exeter in 2266; the assignment to one of the larger and more advanced ships in the fleet also brought another promotion, this time to Lieutenant Commander.
Service Record 2248-2252: Starfleet Academy, Engineering Major
2252: commissioned as Ensign upon graduation
2252-2256: staff engineer, USS Ganymede
2256: promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2256-2260: staff engineer, USS Mayflower
2260: promoted to Lieutenant
2260-2266: Chief Engineer, USS Mayflower
2266: promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: Chief Engineer, USS Exeter