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Lieutenant Marie Adler

Name Marie Vera Adler

Position Chief Communication Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 130
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Marie Adler hails from an Anglo-French and German family, and speaks all three languages fluently, but mainly keeps to her mother's English Accent.
Due to constant medical treatment, the scars from a Shuttle crash in her early Academy days have all but vanished. However, she still deals with occasional physical pain, which require her to seek medical treatment more than the average individual.


Spouse None
Children None
Father William
Mother Stephanie
Brother(s) Michael Adler, Jean Adler
Sister(s) Mirelle Adler, Sabine Adler
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Earlier in her career, Marie was a withdrawn individual. Most of her academy classmates were killed during the 2258 attack on Vulcan. As her career progressed, Marie grew increasingly more personable. Still, she tends to avoid an active social life, preferring to focus more on her career and her family on Luna than engaging in social activities.
Strengths & Weaknesses As result of her Shuttle crash and subsequent recovery, Marie is incredibly strong willed and goal oriented. After spending nearly three years in and out of hospitals, Marie believes that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to, and to her credit, she's met almost every career goal she's had so far. Nothing seems to get in her way, which makes her an excellent officer, but will regularly push her self beyond her physical limits, even to the point where she will find herself in a hospital from anything ranging from lack of sleep, to aggravating previous injuries. In addition to being a workaholic, she has a nasty penchant for sarcasm that can be amusing sometimes, and scathing other times.
Ambitions Marie spent most of her early career simply craving a sense of adventure she felt she would never otherwise experience. Following stints on three other vessels, Marie's focus instead shifted towards fulfilling concrete professional goals. Upon the conclusion of her next five year mission, Marie wishes to pursue a career as an academy instructor in Linguistics, and possibly a career as a writer.
Hobbies & Interests Despite Majoring in Linguistics at the Academy, Marie Adler also is an avid historian, with particular interest in both Earth's age of Exploration, and the dawn of Human Spaceflight, as in her opinion Humanity has reached an apex in it's second age of Exploration. Her quarters are filled with books detailing both subjects.

Additionally, she spends her off hours trying her hand at painting. She's aware that she's quite awful at it, but enjoys the process anyway.

Personal History Marie was born at the Oceanus Procellarum settlement to William and Stephanie Adler on October 14, 2235. Marie was the middle child of Five children and did not receive the same attention that her brothers and sisters received. However, unlike many children in her position, Marie actually relished the situation, using it to make quick escapes from the chaos of her household. As early as eight years old, Marie would don a small EVA suit and go for excursions on the lunar surface, frequently seeking out the remains of spacecraft from the early days of lunar exploration or even just escaping to the desolate lunar countryside to emulate her childhood heroes who had arrived on the moon centuries before.

School was another escape for the young Marie. She found that being left alone by her parents and siblings had allowed her to take towards school at her own pace. Her own pace, however, never seemed to match up with the pace of the classes. Marie excelled in Linguistics, Literature and History, however was found lacking in Science and Mathematics. However, one of her instructors suggested that she try and apply for Starfleet Academy.

Marie took her instructor’s advice and went through the typical application and the myriad of entrance exams and was very nearly rejected due to poor results in many of the more mathematic oriented sections of the exams. In fact, Marie owed her acceptance to family connections, namely an uncle on the admissions board, opposed to any sort of skill in her selected field.

She left for the Academy on her 18th birthday, where her career was almost immediately nipped in the bud when the shuttle she was traveling on suffered a control failure and crashed into the San Francisco Bay. Marie was one of the three survivors of the crash, however, she suffered severe injuries. She spent the first six months of her tenure at the Academy in a series of Hospitals recovering from her injuries, and another five months completing Physical Therapy.

It took her most of her first two years at the Academy to actually settle into classes. Despite being cleared for duty at the Academy she still suffered from numerous medical issues, particularly involving walking. She continued to be wheelchair bound off and on into her Sophomore year. When she did finally settle into classes fully she proved herself to be a more than capable student. Cadet Adler excelled in Astrophysics, and Xenolinguistics. She was recommended for a career as a Translator and Communications specialist.

Marie graduated in 2258 as one of the few members of her senior-class that were not killed in the Battle of Vulcan that same year. Marie’s first assignment was on board USS Constitution where she served as a junior communications officer during tests on early models of multitronic computers. After a nearly disastrous incident that resulted in the near destruction of the Constitution as well as USS Cleopatra, she was reassigned to Starbase One, where she spent the next year directing traffic.

In 2259, Marie was reassigned to USS Aswan shortly before the vessel was destroyed by an unknown entity at the edge of Klingon Space. She was one of a handful of survivors rescued by USS Columbia. She served on board the Columbia as a Communications Officer for a five year mission. In this time Marie had a successful career, serving as a translator in a diplomatic talk with the Klingon Empire, as well as the recovery of a near ancient spacecraft.

At the conclusion of her career on board USS Columbia, she accepted a transfer to USS Republic in 2264 as the vessel's Chief Communication Officer. In 2266 she was prematurely ordered back to Starbase Lexington where she was to assume the Chief Communications Officer position on board USS Exeter.
Service Record Starfleet Academy Class of 2258 - Major in Xenolinguistics
USS Constitution (NCC-1700), 2258 - Junior Communications Officer
Starbase One, Earth, 2258-2259 - Traffic Controller
USS Aswan (NCC-0694), 2259 - Communications Officer
USS Columbia (NCC-1702), 2259-2264 - Communications Officer
USS Republic (NCC-1371), 2264-2266 - Chief Communications Officer
USS Exeter (NCC-1671), 2266-Present - Chief Communications Officer