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Commander Sonak

Name Sonak

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 58 years old

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Tall, slim, typical Vulcan although much more athletic than the norm, due to his long time practice of Vulcan martial arts (he is a master of the Aahn Woon). He looks barely 18 to Human eyes but is already almost six decades old. His penetrating stare is unnerving but his voice is deep and resounding yet soft and well modulated.


Spouse T'Elesli (deceased)
Children none
Father Shoson (deceased)
Mother T'ya (deceased)
Brother(s) Sanel Simal, Senis (all deceased)
Sister(s) Tian (deceased)
Other Family None. His entire line was lost during the destruction of Vulcan.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sonak is a former monk of the Gol plateau, studying for many years under the masters of Gol to achieve Kohlinar. He is reputed to be the most powerful mind melder of his generation and has acquired so much personal discipline through the practice of Vulcan martial arts and the study of science and the teachings of Surak that he is able to control his Pon Farr cycle.

That never before heard of self-control and his growing distanciation with his own people over the years made him able to deal with the destruction of Vulcan and especially the loss of his mate, who was about to give birth to their first born girl when the narada struck the planet. Since then however, he harbors a negative way of thinking toward Romulans because of their involvement in this genocide.

Being the only surviving Kohlinar master, he was asked to participate in the rebuilt of the Vulcan people on new Vulcan but he declined, reasoning that he was even more than ever estranged from his roots now that their native planet is gone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sonak is a very dedicated and composed individual which Starfleet's training and experience further enriched beyond his already impressive Vulcan education. However, his adherence to the rules and methodology is an obstacle to his imagination and creativity. he is also exceedingly discreet about himself and his people, contrasting sharply with his obvious interest in everything non-Vulcan. He is known throughout Starfleet as a stern disciplinarian who admires accomplished, exemplary officers like Commodore Christopher Pike and has no respect or tolerance for gung-ho officers (he holds upstart Captain James T kirk in utter contempt).
Ambitions He hopes to gain better understanding of what brought Surak to establish the Vulcan way of life by immersing himself into the highly emotional universe outside of Vulcan. He has also become quite appreciative of Starfleet, it's goals, rules and people and what the infinity of the universe has to offer, thus distancing himself more and more from his native heritage and seeking to achieve the highest levels in his career. he is not however career driven, enjoying the journey much more than the destination.
Hobbies & Interests Andorian martial arts, Human music, Tellarite rhethoric, Betazoid mind techniques, Saurian dance, Edoan theather, Deltan sensitivity techniques and Caitian hunting rituals. His mind is open to any new experience such as only a life in Starfleet can offer.

Personal History Sonak was born in 2208 on the outskirts of Shikhar, the Vulcan capital, from parents both teachers at the Vulcan Science Academy. From infancy, Sonak's exceptional mind and psionic aptitude was well known to Vulcan's geneticists. He was at a very early age sent to the masters of Gol so that his power would not overwhelm his mind and turn him into a dangerous individual if he ever lost control (like every 7 years during Pon farr). He was thus quickly educated into severe discipline, self-control and the importance of rule and order and of avoiding harm to others. This long and rich education isolated in a Vulcan monastery made him the youngest master of Gol, but led him eventually to feel distanced from others. After thirty years at Gol, he learned of Ambassador Sarek's son Spock joining Starfleet, the first from Vulcan to ever do so. He followed in his footsteps as the next logical step in his own life. He had mastered, even gone beyond, all that there was to be Vulcan; it was time to reach for the stars.

In Starfleet, he found a bewildering array of opportunities to grow, learn and expand himself. he was however for almost his entire career assigned to the USS Intrepid when this starship was launched as the Vulcan flagship of the Federation. He did his duty, but again eventually felt constrained by being still too close to his own people. Fortunately, space exploration offered more than enough opportunities to go beyond his own culture. In this regard, he asked for and was granted to have his cadet cruise aboard the USS Eagle, the Constitution class Andorian flagship of reknown Andorian captain Igrilan Kor; then following his Command School, to have his officer cruise aboard the Hermes class scoutship USS Columbia on board which was serving the highest variety of Federation species found aboard one single vessel.

Judged austere and aloof even by Vulcan standards, he eventually found that his growth as an individual and his contribution to the ideals of the UFP were stunted when still confined with his people, even aboard a starship. He therefore applied for the JAG office of Starfleet because of his steadfastness towards Federation laws and ideal but also because dwelving into the deviant mind of alien races would offer the deepest experience in the nature of emotion and reason. He was the defense attorney during the trial of legendary captain Garth of Isar, successfully establishing non criminal responsibility and incurable mental state that sent him to the most advanced mental institution in the Federation. But despite his competence and success as a JAG officer, he soon tired of being planetside. Longing again for the stars, he asked for a position aboard the USS Enterprise when rumor had it that Commander Spock was about to step down. But then, Spock decided to renew his commission instead and Sonak was offered a position on the Intrepid again, as chief science officer. Before he could even board her however, he suddenly received orders to report to the returning USS Exeter as First officer and chief of science.
Service Record - 2244 Entry into Starfleet Academy. Graduated after the customary 4 years with Highest Honors in the field of Science, specializing in Xenology, astrophysics and temporal mechanics. Cadet cruise on board the USS Eagle (NCC-1719). Graduated with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

- 2248 Entry into Starfleet Command School. Graduated after the customary two years with honors, specializing in Diplomatic and First Contact mission command. Officer cruise on board the USS Columbia (NCC-621). graduated with the rank of Lieutenant.

- 2250 Assigned as science officer to the USS Intrepid (NCC-1708) with the rank of Lieutenant. During his twelve years of service, he was decorated with the Starfleet Science Decoration, the Vulcanian Science Legion of Honor and the Daystrom Award for expanding knowledge on alien telepathy and applications in communication, contributing to the latest advances with universal translator technology. Contender for the Nobel and Z-Magnees prizes for actively promoting peace and understanding towards new civilizations through advancements in communication theories during the Axanar Mission, he received the Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission.

- 2262 Assigned as JAG officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Defense attorney during the trial of Garth of Izar.

- 2266 Re-assigned for duty aboard the USS Intrepid (NCC-1708) as requested assignement aboard the USS Enterprise as science officer (NCC-1701 A) was revoked. Assigned as First officer of the USS Exeter (NCC-1671) with the rank of Commander, doubling up as chief science officer.
Requested by Starfleet to assist in the trial of Captain Ronald Tracy.