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Decision Making - Supplemental

Posted on Wed Sep 28th, 2016 @ 12:36am by Captain Michael Stuart

Captain's Log

The Exeter has departed Starbase 23. Our eight day route will take us right to the last known coordinates of the fallen USS Columbia. I am unsure about what we may find there, but I make no allusions that we will like what we see. If we do find what I fear we might, then I'll have a marker launched for another vessel for retrieval. I know it may sound coldhearted of me to just lave the work to someone else, but our task is prevention. We'll mourn over fallen comrades later.

Something else, if the report from Commander Sonak is to be believed...then we're possibly going up against the sister ship of the USS Vengeance. If that's even remotely true then the possibility of survival against a dreadnaught of that size and calibre of weaponry is slim to none. More to the point I now have to inform two officers who were impacted by the Vengeance that there could possibly be another ship out there and I know for certain one of them is going to be devastated by the news.

Whoever is responsible for this is going to pay. The crew are working hard to ensure an aspect of survival. I want to make it clear that I intend to do everything I possibly can to ensure the safety of every man and woman aboard my ship, even if it means sacrificing my ship to save lives.

On the bright side, proof of existence of another dreadnaught can be direct proof that certain members of Starfleet are hiding secrets, and it's more than time for those secrets...and those hiding those be thrown into the light and face justice for their actions.

End Log.


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