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It's The Little Things...

Posted on Fri Nov 18th, 2016 @ 2:26am by Lieutenant Commander Amaan Ragez

The Mayflower has officially docked at Starbase Lexington. All of my things are being offloaded and transferred to the Exeter as we speak. My engineering staff threw a surprise "going away" party last night, which was a very touching gesture. I have a feeling that Lieutenant Kolesnikov will be shaking off his hangover from that little soiree well into this afternoon. He seemed to take quite a liking to the Aldebaran whiskey.

As soon as I logged into the Starbase, I noticed there was a message from Captain Stuart. Naturally, I assumed it was a set of orders to get on repairs and upgrades right away...but it was not. It was a social invitation, to join him and the senior staff down on Risa. Not quite sure if I will take him up on it yet though; it will depend on the status of repairs, as well as my perceived confidence in Lexington's engineering staff. Only time will tell in that matter.

Right now, I need to find one of the Starbase communication hubs. My mother is expecting me to call her upon arrival here at Lexington...and I learned my lesson long ago about saying no to an Orion woman.

End Log Entry.


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