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Back To Work

Posted on Thu Dec 1st, 2016 @ 5:48pm by Captain Michael Stuart
Edited on on Thu Dec 1st, 2016 @ 5:49pm

Mission: Refit
Location: Risa- Stuart residence
Timeline: 2266.12.01

The guests had left, leaving Abigail and Michael to clean the house before they would depart. It was an uneventful handful of days for Michael to which he was relieved. He was glad to bond with the crew as well as have some alone time. Last night Michael had got in touch with his parents...via Abbie's arm twisting, and had a lovely conversation with them. They were proud of Michael to say the least and wished him well with his future; along with hoping he’d return for Christmas.

They had one final brunch together when the cleaning was finished. Afterwards, Abigail headed back to hr room to retrieve her suitcase. Michael helped her carry it to her car.

“I envy you.” She said. “This is going to be a big week for you and your crew isn’t it?”

“Aye.” Michael nodded. “Along with refitting there’s the ceremony to think about and help plan, well...the finishing touches anyway.”

“I so wanna be there! You think they’ll have a live feed?”

Michael stopped walking, pausing to consider. “I don’t see why not…” He replied. “It’s a pretty special occasion isn’t it?”

“It’s huge!” Abigail gave Michael a smile. “My little brother, the history maker.”

They approached the car, Abbie opened the boot and Michael easily slid the suitcase inside, then Abbie closed it shut. She then gave him a tight hug.

“I’m going to miss you…”

“No tears.” Michael teased. “You promised.”

She punched Michael in the back. “Don’t get all professional on me now, Captain.”

“As you wish, Doctor.”

The hug broken, they kissed each other on the cheeks.

“When does Britannia head back to Earth?” Michael asked,

Abbie checked her watch. “In an hour. I got plenty of time.” She walked over to the driver’s side and opened the door. “Be good out there Michael. Safe travels. Love you.”

“Love you too Abs, hug mum and dad for me next week.”

She gave Michael one last smile, then got in the car, started the ignition and drove off to the nearest shuttlebay. He waved goodbye.

And his communicator beeped. It was probably Rita with a status report, maybe even to say that Sonak had returned. He reached for it inside his pocket and flipped it open.

“Stuart here.”

“Captain Stuart?” Said an unfamiliar voice. “This is Captain Wilcox of the Britannia.” He introduced.

Michael was perplexed. “How may I help you Captain?”

“You have a long distance call, sir. Priority Alpha.”

“Understood.” MIchael replied. Running back along the little footpath back to his house. “Thank you Captain.” He said, closing the communicator as he opened the front door of his house, leaving it open and heading into the living room. Switching on the viewscreen.

Priority Alpha was serious and as he awaited the face at the other end Michael wondered exactly what was happening. When the face appeared, Michael kept his composure to not be shocked or even give a cry of alarm.

“Captain Stuart.” The middle aged Commodore began. “Do you know who I am?”

“Commodore Farris, this is indeed a surp-”

“Spare me Captain!” The Commodore shouted, then regained his calm. “Forgive me the outburst. I had to meet the man who had ruined years of strategic planning.”

Michael was a bit confused. Commodore Jaysen Farris was known among many circles as Judge Dreadful. He was high up within both the top brass of Starfleet and the Judge Advocate General.

“Planning, sir?”

“Clifford Paris was my special project, Along with keeping the Conquest off the records. Even with that psychopath Drake, yeah...I own that too.”

“Ah!” Stuart understood. “The shadow pulling all the strings. You’re taking a hell of a chance.”

“Encrypted signal.” Farris replied. “My ass is covered.”

Michael smiled. “Not for much longer. So asshole, to what do I owe this call?”

Farris narrowed his eyes at Michael, choosing to ignore the insult.

“I wanted you to meet me.” He said. “The face of the man who’s going to bring you and your entire crew to their knees on day.”

“Pity you’re not close by Jaysen. If you were a braver man, instead of a spineless pussy, you’d come see me face to face.”

“Oh, you’ll get your chance...Captain. But for the sake of you and your precious crew, watch your backs.”

“Empty threats from a broken down old geezer who can’t hack command anymore. Play your silly shadow games someplace else. We’re done here.” Michael responded. Cutting off the conversation.

He breathed a sigh then crashed onto the couch. Just what the hell was that? Was 31 preparing to come at them so soon? Were they going to interfere with the ceremony? No, this was just a message, that was all. He reached for his communicator and flipped it open again.

“Stuart to Exeter.”

“Montoya here Captain.”

“Ensign Montoya, status?”

“Refitting still underway Captain, going smoothly from what I’m reading.”

“Condition Green?”

“Yes sir.”

“Very well, have Lieutenant Paris contact me at her earliest convenience.”


Michael closed the channel. There was still time to go before he had to officially report in. He decided he needed to be outside. Maybe head into town for a snack before he got a shuttle back to the Exeter. He got off the couch and went back upstairs, retrieving his duffel bag and making sure everything was shut off and locked up.

As he drove, he hoped the ceremony would go well back on Earth. Perhaps he should make a call to warn them of danger? It would be best to leave nothing to chance. Even though Michael was sure 31 wouldn’t try anything stupid to disrupt the ceremony, he couldn’t be sure at the same time.

He had a face now, at least Michael could do something about that. And he knew exactly whom to talk to about it.


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